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Typically is commences with prehistory about the inhabitants and the Christopher Columbus voyage in 1942 to America. The natives who lived for many centuries developed…
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American Government and History
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Download file to see previous pages There were a series of events including tax resistance against British colonists that led to the formation of a congress that adopted the Independence Declaration. This resulted to the foundation of The United States of America. With constitution amendment, abolishment of retrogressive practices like slavery and the emergence of the Manifest Destiny Doctrine a stable government was formed. This paper seeks to assess the history of the American government.
1. The term government refers to a system through which policies of a state are enforced to control its citizens. The government includes legislators, administrators and arbitrators. These positions are acquired through political discourses.
3. Sovereignty is "an attribute of a state in the form of its complete self-sufficiency in the frames of a certain territory that is supreme in its domestic policy and independence in the foreign one" (Story 88). This enables a state to have authority over another.
4. Hegemony refers to a type of leadership where there is imperial dominance.The ruler uses the implied power to geopolitically mediocre states. Rebellion is thus eliminated without direct military action
Theocracy is a means of rule that has raised a lot of debate between the religious rulers and political leaders on who has more power. It is a type of government who are led by religious persons who are divinely guided in their state activities. The source of power is from a supreme being that is God. These leaders must be members of a clergy.
Some of the benefits of this type of leadership is it creates a sagacity of community that is more established. There is also an infallible word of law with strict rules, and a respectable and notable leader since authority is from God (Storey 96).
However, there are disadvantages that come as a result of theocracy, and they outweigh the advantages. According to Storey (98), perversion of the theocracy by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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