The New Deal as the Beginning of a New Era in American History - Coursework Example

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The paper "The New Deal as the Beginning of a New Era in American History" outlines the main economic reform programs undertaken by the American government to face its Great Depression. The new deal resulted in the deep changes in American society and increased the role of government in managing and intervening in market affairs.
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The New Deal as the Beginning of a New Era in American History
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Extract of sample "The New Deal as the Beginning of a New Era in American History"

Download file to see previous pages The overall program of New Deal was based on the so-called relief, recovery and reform strategy wherein the government attempted to first provide the relief to the people affected by the persistent economic slump and then subsequently took efforts to initiate the recovery and the reforms in the economy in order to bring the economy back on track. What is also significant to note about this whole initiative is the fact that it resulted in a strong economic recovery and a complete and new change in the way America society tends to work and behave. The intervention by the government in the economy allowed the economy to pick up and vital economic variables such as growth, unemployment, and inflation started to show positive signs. It also brought forward a new political alignment in the country as the Democratic Party started to emerge as the sign of liberal ideas and newly empowered trade unions and minorities. (Edsforth, 2000)

Though the New Deal left many important political, social, as well as economical imprints on American society, however, the question remains as to whether the New Deal has been really successful or whether its success was overrated by the Historians. This paper will, therefore, attempt to discuss and argue as to whether the New Deal was really a success or it was overrated by the Historians.

The Great Depression
Before discussing the New deal and whether historians have overrated its success, it is important that a general discussion shall be provided for the events which lead up to the New Deal.

From the economics point of view, there are many reasons why the great depression happened, however, the overall impact of the great depression has on the economy of the US and its society have been great. During this era gross domestic product of the country greatly declined and there was a sharp increase in the unemployment level. High unemployment levels, therefore, created the general unrest within the American society and people were looking for change which can actually bring overall relief to the general masses of the society. (Weatherford & Sergeyev, 2000).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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