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History and Politics in America - Essay Example

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America's historical archives are known to be full of successful accomplishment. Their history is built from continuous battle against their possible enemies posing threats to their national pride and unity. Because of this reason, for their every battle their society's spirit is united by their nationalism and their will to overcome their adversary in promoting democracy.
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History and Politics in America
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Download file to see previous pages This disorder in Vietnam is brought about by the conflicting political parties in the government implementing communism and democracy. Thus, America's involvement in the political dispute in Vietnam leads to one of their historical failure causing them loss of significant casualties.
One of the most prominent commentarian to the involvement and failure of America in Vietnam is George Herring who is a well-known historian. According to his analysis which he presented in his symposium, America's failure in Vietnam is directly related to two factors which are the lack of direct and immediate threat to the American society and the lack of concrete reason for being involve (1985). It appears then that the involvement of America in Vietnam is only because of its threat to the democracy that they are propagating during the Cold War. Thus, the probable threat of the chaos in Vietnam was not actually felt by the American society but only the political faction thus nationalistic concern was not actually present during the event.
Another factor is the mean that the America used in mediating in the instability in Vietnam. According to Charles de Gaulle, "He saw no military solution. He saw a risk in seeking a military solution of the "tremendous risk of a generalized conflict" (1964). Thus, the militaristic approach of America failed because that method is indeed inappropriate in the event.
In addition, America idealism to very unfitting to the event thus it only leads to further aggravation to the already chaotic situation. Senator Wayne Morse noted that, "How can a policy that was unsound to begin with ever be made to work Are Americans so confident of the miracles to be wrought with nuclear bombs and billion-dollar aid programs that we think they will make a success of anything, no matter how badly conceived"
The idealism behind the war it also not clearly comprehended by the America's government thus their approaches and involvement are based from erroneous assumptions. General Matthew Ridgeway commented that, "that people in the United States did not have a clear understanding of why we were fighting in Vietnam. General Ridgway indicated that America was in Vietnam because of a treaty commitment dating from 1954: The Southeast Asia Treaty". Thus, America's government felt only pure obligation in their involvement in Vietnam because they are bounded to honor the said treaty.
Considering all the said arguments, it appears that the main reason why America's involvement in the political dispute in Vietnam is its lack of substantiality reason for doing so. There was not actually an imposed threat to the American society and no support was solicited by the Vietnam government. America only felt that it was their obligation to be involved because they have a treaty with Vietnam and their democratic idealism urges them to do so thus it lack one complete nationalism and patriotic involvement leading to its failure.
Part B: Contemporary American Politics
America's historical archives are known to be full of successful accomplishment. Their history is built from continuous battle against their possible enemies posing threats to their national pride and unity. Because of this reason, for their every battle their society's spirit is united by their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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