The Major Developments in the Rise of Democracy in America - Essay Example

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The period between 1765 and 1787 was a very important period in the rise of democracy in the American history. The nascent country experienced a number of teething problems that was characterized by gradual widening of the democratic space…
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The Major Developments in the Rise of Democracy in America
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Download file to see previous pages Another characteristic feature of this period was the American revolutionary war of 1775 to 1783. The incidences that took place during this period saw a rise in the democratic space of the Americans.
Opposition to the British rule was a key pillar in the fight for democracy in America. In 1765, George Grenville, the British Prime Minister spearheaded the adoption of stamp duty where all documents were required to have a stamp and the duty paid. This incited the people to begin objecting the British rule. In order to fight for their democratic rights, a group called Sons of Liberty was formed, it used various strategies to object the taxes that were being imposed on the Americans. They used to demonstrate in the streets, became violent, as well as made several threats to the government. In addition, they aired their grievances to the monarch to have the tax laws done away with. Their voices were heard when the group opted to invade the home of Thomas Hutchinson, the chief justice as well as looting and burning records in the vice-admiralty court. This development saw a step being made towards democracy, the Declaration of Rights and Grievances was enacted. Further, there was a consensus that the stamp tax is repealed. However, the parliament was to remain the sovereign authority as provided in the Declaratory Act of 19661.
Legislations catapulted the rise in democracy, the Americans felt that the legislation was harsh on them. The passing of a bill that saw an increment in taxes of basic commodities made the colonists to boycott British goods. In 1768, British troops were sent to Boston where they were to contain the riots that had ensued. Some individuals were killed in the process, an incidence that resulted in growing resentment of the British rule by the state of Massachusetts2. The parliament acted again by withdrawing all the imposed taxes except that of tea. The race to democracy was also facilitated by the efforts of Samuel Adams who created the Committee of Correspondence that provided a common forum for all the patriots in thirteen states to launch a rebellion against the colonial rule. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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