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Humanitarian Intervention In A Military Capacity - Essay Example

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This essay “Humanitarian Intervention In A Military Capacity” investigates that the ethics of humanitarian intervention pertaining to regime change are intensely controversial but worthy of discussion and consensus. A foreign power inserting itself into an internal conflict is tainted by the conflict…
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Humanitarian Intervention In A Military Capacity
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Extract of sample "Humanitarian Intervention In A Military Capacity"

Download file to see previous pages But once genocide has been defined, the question still remains of who should be able to intervene and under what circumstances. For the purposes of the international community, monitoring standards should be imposed when and where a more powerful nation or coalition of nations intends to intervene up for humanitarian purposes in a region where genocide is a possibility. Whatever pretext the invader claims as a moral justification for the military action should be evaluated by an international body, and codified. If the justification for an invasion is to ensure that threaten civilian populations receive access to food aid, then monitors should ensure that the invaders hold true to this stated intent. No modern democracy in the current political climate would openly claim that their intent is to rule over another nation for the sake of Empire, and if an invading nation, in fact, denies this purpose, then an international body should monitor the extent of their military involvement for the purpose of documenting legitimate benchmarks towards the restoration of sovereignty within the occupied nation after the physical crisis has abated. Sanctions or withdrawal of support in addition to international condemnation should follow if prearranged benchmarks are not met. This strategy should prove a reasonable standard with respect to the military actions of democratic societies, but different discussions would become necessary in the event of military adventurism by governments not limited by popular votes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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