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The Ramayana By R. K. Narayan - Book Report/Review Example

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The classic age of the Indian community was a period in which the society’s values were founded on religious responsibility of a man, as well as the purity of women. In the story Ramayana, two characters Rama and Sita are shown as persons who have ideal character, in view of…
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The Ramayana By R. K. Narayan
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Extract of sample "The Ramayana By R. K. Narayan"

Download file to see previous pages In all of the instances, she is obedient to her husband. However, she also makes wise decisions on her own. Sita is portrayed as the avatar of the goddess Lakshmi who is the consort of Vishnu. She is also shown as the symbol of female virtue and purity. Sita makes the decision of following her husband when he is sent to exile by his father. She manages to persuade her husband that she belongs at his side. She makes that decision of following her husband since she is devoted to him by virtue of the strong love she has for him. Rita says that she will endure to the last hardship for Rama. To Sita, without her husband, even heaven is hell.1
When Ravana carries Sita to his palace in Lanka, she makes a decision to keep her purity. Ravana could not convince her to be his wife. Even though he tried to sweet-talk her and threaten her into marrying him, Sita could not agree. Sita chose to think only of her beloved husband Rama.2
Sita also on her own initiative decides that she will obey her husband’s orders at all times. Even when she is sent to the forest she does not hesitate to follow Rama’s orders though she is broken-hearted.
Rama was not justified in letting Sita go through the fire when he knew very well that she was innocent and had never had sex with Ravana. This is because it was not even her fault that Ravana had lustful eyes for her. With the length of time that Rama had spent with Sita, he is supposed to have known his wife well enough not to doubt her. The character of Sita was so evident and spoke of her loyalty to her husband. It is for this loyalty and devotion that she allowed herself to go to exile with Rama. She is even the one who asks Lakshmana to choose a pyre when she saw that nothing remained for her except entering the fire.
Also, Rama had no proof that Sita had sex with Ravana. These were just but suspicions that Rama had, which made Sita raise a bitter complain against rumourmongers. Later, it is proven ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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