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Analyzing the Ramayana - Term Paper Example

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The Vishnu god gave heavenly liquor to all the wives of Kings for them to bring forth sons, who are Vishnu’s partial incarnation. Amongst the sons, Rama is the strongest and…
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Analyzing the Ramayana
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"Analyzing the Ramayana"

Download file to see previous pages King Janak makes a resolution whoever has the ability to bend the bow will marry Sita. The King says this while he is quite aware that no ordinary man can achieve that.
Rama together with his brother’s journey to King Janak’s court and are offered the opportunity to bend the bow. Rama finds it quite easy to bend the bow and his strength is so massive that the weapon snaps. King Janak agrees to offer Sita to Rama as his bride and also to offer his brothers noble bride from his kingdom. Therefore, Sita turns out to be Rama’s wife and Lakshman marries Sita’s sister Urmila. Sita’s cousins, Sruta-kriti and Mandavi turn out to be the wives of Satrughna and Bharat. Dasa-radha in fear of rivavry among his children, decided to send Satrughna and Bharat to live with their mother. Years later, King Dasa-ratha proposes that Rama ought to become regent. The majority of the people in the council and the kingdom are excited of this idea and plan to invest for Rama to attain the konsala throne. However, the maid to Queen Kaikeyi is not happy with the idea and suggests that that Kaikeyi’s son ought to become regent. She manages to convince Dasa-ratha to send Rama into exile and make Bharta regent. Rama is forced to exile and tells his wife that he will fulfill his father’s word (Sadan, 232).
Ramayan is a romanticized myth that is destined to plea to human’s better nature. Ramayan is prevalent with a number of characters who behave contrary and plainly to the nature of humans such that they become unreasonable. The first seen is when Dasratha murders Shravana. Shravana, who is a submissive son, decides on carrying his sick and sightless parents on his shoulders while he walks. The four heavenly locations of pilgrimage create a diamond and the four sides comprise of more than four thousand miles. At a tempo of fifteen miles each day, without passing any jungles and no paves roads with resting period, this voyage was likely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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