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This document, also called the Great charter, was signed in June 1215 between King John and the barons of England at Runnymede (For Know It- Alls 9). It is worth noting, the…
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Magna carta
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The Magna Carta Magna Carta is one of the most celebrated documents not only in the British history but the world over. This document, also called the Great charter, was signed in June 1215 between King John and the barons of England at Runnymede (For Know It- Alls 9). It is worth noting, the events that precipitated the signing of this document with such a great historical significance, or at least what made the king to give in to his subjects’ demands. King John’s reign was marred with abuse of office, continued defeat at wars and over taxation of his subjects. These factors coupled up to make him unpopular and he risked dethronement due to mismanagement (For Know It- Alls 6).
The barons, unable to bear the pain of the king’s extra taxes, rebelled in June 1215 and captured London, though not entirely, forcing the king to enter into a peaceful settlement with them. This resulted into the signing of the Magna Carta which aimed at limiting the powers of the king while protecting certain rights of his subjects such as the right against unlawful imprisonment (For Know It- Alls 4).Of great concern to the king was clause 61 or the security clause which made him a ceremonial monarch as it stipulated much power for the barons over the king.( For Know It- Alls 9)
The document has 63 clauses and can be divided into three sections: the first section deals with the position of the Catholic Church in England, the second are clauses that stipulates that the king will be less harsh on the barons and the third are clauses that concerns England’s legal system. (History learning site 1).Alchin 1, records that Archbishop Stephen Langton and the most powerful barons of the medieval England drafted the contents of Magna Carta, putting into rest the question of authorship.
Magna Carta, a document signed by King John in1215 did lay a strong foundation for the liberties of not just England but it was to later influence the liberties of Anglophones, United States and the drafting of the United Nations Human Rights.
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