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In regard to the argument by Ammianus’ Res Gestae 31.4 should the Gothic be considered as Romans? The argument by Ammianus revolves around the fact that some individuals reckon the battle of Adrianople…
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Ammianus Thesis ment According to Ammianus’ Res Gestae 31.4, which perspective is preferable? In regard to the argument by Ammianus’ Res Gestae 31.4 should the Gothic be considered as Romans? The argument by Ammianus revolves around the fact that some individuals reckon the battle of Adrianople to be a representation of a lost engagement by Romans to foreign invaders. On the other hand natives consider it as battle induced by Romans against Gothic settlers who were unsettled and who suffered hardships while getting used to the Roman system.
According to Ammianus’ Res Gestae 31.4 the preferable perspective is that the battle was roman induced against Gothic since they were not settled and suffered hardships in the process of getting used to the Roman system. In support of this perspective, Ammianus’ Res Gestae 31.4 argues that the battle began in 376 after the death of Christ; the Goths after being displaced decided to get refuge in the Roman Empire. This is in the hope that they would get used to farming and become soldiers. On reaching the empire, the Gothic began revolts led by Lupinicus and Maximus since they were undergoing hardships in the hands of the Romans.
As a result of these attacks by Gothic, the Roman emperor in 378 after death of Christ decided to retaliate with reinforcement from his allies and the Gothic claimed for some Roman territory in order to stop the battle. This made the emperor furious and combined the army into seven legions composed of war veterans. They aimed at capturing and enslaving the Gothic and to take over the lost territories (Ammianus’ Res Gestae 31.4)
Ammianus’ Res Gestae 31.4 describes this perspective as preferable since there is evidence that the Gothic tried to take over the Roman Empire as a result of the hardships they went through. This came in a bid to stop the harshness that they were receiving from the Romans who were supposed to offer homage to the Gothic.
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Ammianus’ Res Gestae. Roman History. London: Bohn, 1862. Read More
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