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Julian the Apostate, Constantius II by Ammianus Marcellinus - Essay Example

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This essay considers Ammianus Marcellinus writings on Julian the Apostate and Constantius II. His works are priceless, as most of it were the primary sources of Roman history. His insights, as a soldier, on the war and military campaigns of the Roman Empire are significant…
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Julian the Apostate, Constantius II by Ammianus Marcellinus
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Extract of sample "Julian the Apostate, Constantius II by Ammianus Marcellinus"

Download file to see previous pages Ammianus Marcellinus was a historian with a great sense of things. For someone who has live through the times of rich and vivid events, nothing is expected except a picturesque account of events. However, in the light of what the term history meant, accounts such that of Marcellinus may be carelessly considered as merely a narrative of personal experiences and commentaries. His writings may have the patches on; there may be biases on the accounts he had written. When confronted by events and circumstances, it is inherent for every person to choose our sides, to come up with our foregone conclusions. Historians are not excluded. For a case in point, consider his writings on Julian the Apostate and Constantius II. In such situations, there is no better way to come up with a judgment than to fairly analyze the condition and consider the circumstances. Did Marcellinus have his partiality in writing the accounts of these two figures? Moreover, did he, in terms of politics and religion, favor the system of Julian the Apostate over Constantius II, and have it reflect in his writings?
Most accounts tell that there is not much known of Ammianus Marcellinus’ life. From sources, it is said that he was born to a noble Greek family in Antioch, Syria, about 325-330. There are no accounts of his early life and educational background. Most of the biographical information available tells that he entered the Roman army at a young age, at the time when east had Constantius II as the emperor. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Julian the Apostate, Constantius II by Ammianus Marcellinus Essay.
“Julian the Apostate, Constantius II by Ammianus Marcellinus Essay”, n.d.
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