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How the events of the 1660s changed London - Essay Example

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England, Ireland and Scotland, the kingdoms were restored in the year 1660 and the event is popular by the name of Restoration in the history of…
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How the events of the 1660s changed London
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Extract of sample "How the events of the 1660s changed London"

How the Events of the 1660s Changed London Introduction Under the abele reign of Charles II, after the period of Interregnum that was being followed by the battle of three kingdoms i.e. England, Ireland and Scotland, the kingdoms were restored in the year 1660 and the event is popular by the name of Restoration in the history of Europe. The effect of Restoration was far reached; the prominent seat of changes took place in the city of London. The effect of Restoration or the events of 1660 were so evident that it reshaped the city of London from the perspective of its geography to its legislation on one hand and from art and architecture to education and the field of research on the other.
Events of 1660 and its Effect on London
By the end of 1660 things were subtly different within the city of London. London housed about 350, 000 people and it were dwarfing all the other major cities in England. The requirement to extend the city was at its peak. The reign of Charles II witnessed the extension of the city westwards with the inception of parks, squares and personal masterpiece with the title St. James’ which meticulously intrigue with the architecture of Wren inspired designs evolved with a major conflict between tradition and innovation. Contextually, the street plan of London was in a chaotic form still (Robinson, 2011; Monash University, 1997).
The role of Monarchy in restoration of 1660 was crucial and it affected London to a great extent as well. Various laws passed by the Charles II manifested in smooth running of trade and commerce along with civil governance in London followed by its prosperity. The 1660 act of Indemnity and Oblivion enabled the restoration of the lands of Crown and Churches automatically thereby the confiscated land was made available for negotiation and litigation publicly (The Royal Household, 2009).
Art, architecture and theatre of London saw a huge transition in its form, shape and execution in 1660 along with the huge leap of events in the field of science, technology, research and education. The establishment of Bank of England and the dissolve of open air theatre to restoration of comedy made more popular in England holding the hands of theatre practices in London. The coffee house trend was at its peak during the restoration period in London which helped to instigate seminal art and culture rapidly (Tiscali, 2013).
In the field of scientific research, London witnessed a huge event in the month of November 1660, when ‘The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Science’ was established. The establishment of Dissenting Academy and its collaborative activity with the churches of England in spreading the light of the education has been viewed as one of the major events or transitory phase in the realm of education and scientific researches in the restoration period.
Charles II of England is viewed as a merry monarch and he took many plunges to restore the lost glory of England, keeping London at its centre and making it a seat of art, commerce and literature.
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