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We are a super advanced animal race which is on top of the food chain and has opted to live among societies, where people of different religions and sects live together, compromising their interests at times. However, several aspects of…
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Number] Impact of aspects of life between an individual and a society Mankind has evolved into a social animal. We are a super advanced animal race which is on top of the food chain and has opted to live among societies, where people of different religions and sects live together, compromising their interests at times. However, several aspects of life do result in friction between the individual and the society. For that, several aspects are responsible at once.
In case of religious aspects, religion cause a lot of friction among societies where one is a minority or in those where religion is not one given any preference at all. In Communist Russia, with the new policy of Dictator Stalin to abolish religion in state, people faced a similar scenario when all of their religious landmarks and praying centres were destroyed. Similarly, in terms of political aspects, there are divisions found in societies because of a difference of opinion and support over a matter of support of political party and even on formats of governance. Social aspects such as the difference of interactions and sharing of opinions also cause cornering of families and selected people among societies (Rees, 2004).
Economic statures also have had impact on social gatherings of societies, as a rift is created among individuals of societies who belong to a separate economic standard. Lastly, cultural aspects also create hostile situations, as people of different backgrounds interact with only each other and are subject to racial stereotypes, which cause aggressive behaviour at an individual level. With these aspects, societies are subject to hostile rifts that result in dangerous outcomes at times, which must be controlled by government policy makers.

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Rees, E.A. (2004). The Nature of Stalins Dictatorship: The Politburo, 1924-1953. London: Palgrave Macmillan Limited. Read More
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Week9 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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