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Michigan History2 - Research Paper Example

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Joseph was founded as a Mission by Jesuit priests in 1684. Due to its strategic position, located near Lake Michigan, the place attracted many people and it soon grew to play a very significant role in both commercial and military matters. St. Joseph was originally inhabited…
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Michigan History2
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Michigan History St. Joseph Fort Site St. Joseph was founded as a Mission by Jesuit priests in 1684. Due to its strategic position, located near Lake Michigan, the place attracted many people and it soon grew to play a very significant role in both commercial and military matters. St. Joseph was originally inhabited by Indians, who later on flee from the place as a result of constant attacks from Iroquois Confederacy, who had the support of the British (Nassaney 28). The place was then inhabited by the French who established it as a commercial center to protect their trade interests in the North. The area was also important to the French because it acted as a link between the Great lakes in the West and the Illinois County in the South. The area grew to become a military town, housing the French military. The inhabitants of this town would have looked forward to having one of the greatest commercial centers and a Military Fort.
Antoine De la Mothe, Sieur De Cadillac
In the late 17th Century, the French were abandoning their forts in America. Viewing this as an invitation to the British to occupy the evacuated Forts, Cadillac requested the French government to allow him to build a new settlement in the Northern part of America. He chose to settle in the area near Lake Huron, then known as Le Detroit. He chose this area because of its fertile land, its hospitable climate, and its strategic location near the river. He brought Farmers, traders, soldiers, artisans and Native Americans from Montreal to settle in the place which later became known as Detroit.
The Mystery of Pere Marquette’s Final Resting Place
The final resting place of this famous Jesuit priest who helped convert Indians to Catholicism has been a subject of controversy over the years. He died on 18th may, 1675, aged 38 after enduring a fight with Tuberculosis. In 1972, bones believed by many scholars to be his were excavated at St. Ignace. These bones might have been brought by Indians. Other places associated with his final resting place include Ludington and Frankfort.
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