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According to that creation no less than three and no more than five states could be formed from the area. In case of its division into five states, it can be divided in two tiers separated by drawing a line at…
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Toledo War
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Download file to see previous pages In fact in the map, it was to be shown in its actual place that belonged to Michigan (Jones).
The tug of war between the Michigan and Ohio was because Toledo was at the planned end point of Miami and Erie canals. Until the year 1830, the crises touched upon its height during the course of canal construction. The factor of the tussle was because of the awareness that the region was agriculturally fertile. To optimum use of agriculturally rich land, the availability of transportation was inevitable. Unfortunately because of transport, the agriculture produce was not available in the area. In the light of 1825 legislation, two navigational canals were built. This has further narrowed the strip of land. Despite the mentioned development, Toledo was conveniently located on the mouth of Lake Erie (Jones).
We may call Toledo War of 1835, as the Battle of Phillips Crossing or the Ohio-Michigan Boundary War. The said war comes on the limelight due to historical dispute with regard to the boundary line between Michigan and Ohio. The disputed boundaries are familiarized as the Toledo Strip. The major part of Ohio falls within the ambit of cited strip (Mitchell). 
The dispute was not because of only one factor. It has caused number of factors, which included poorly created maps. The example of which is placement of southern tip of Lake Michigan wrongly, the ambiguous language of Northwest Ordinance of 1787 and the diversified interpretations by Michigan and Ohio coupled with unhealthy political activities, and egos (Mitchell).
On February 6th 1835, Governor Lucas informed the lawmakers of Mason’s proposal. He had no desire to appoint any commissioner and impressed upon the lawmakers to declare Ohio’s jurisdiction up to the Harris line so as to direct the concerned officials to exercise their authority over the Toledo Strip (Rollins).
In order to ensure legal authority of relevant officials and to shun the foreign interference, the Michigan State in the month of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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