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Different known authors like Edmondo de Amicis who wrote One Day in Morocco, Sir Richard Francis Burton who wrote A Pilgrimage to Mecca and George E…
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Source analysis assignment
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Internet History Sourcebooks Internet History Sourcebooks This paper intends to review three-internet history sources under Middle East category with Edward Saids argument in mind. Different known authors like Edmondo de Amicis who wrote One Day in Morocco, Sir Richard Francis Burton who wrote A Pilgrimage to Mecca and George E. Thomson who wrote The Great Market of Tripoli wrote these sources for the purposes of history. The audiences for these sources are mainly the people of Middle East as they all address issues facing the Middle East.
The main issues in this sources having Said’s argument in mind include how the media and especially in the United States of America has continued to distort the view of the Middle East. The other issue is the creation of dehumanizing climate, which acts as a malarial swamp thus infecting everybody reading the content when it comes to the view of the Arab world, Islam and Middle East as a whole. The sources leave many questions like who went, where that person went and why that person went answered. The sources reveal the problems by pointing them out and solve them by addressing them in that people now start to look on the opposite side of the stories given by media regarding Middle East.
It is obvious that the three sources in subject represent particular bias towards the Middle East as everything centers towards Middle East. The sources are useful in that they help people argue about the reasons behind the American media displaying Middle East negatively and at the same time give history for different issues. The sources have especially been useful to the Muslims and entire Middle East fraternity. The fact that they are internet history sources, they must be very reliable adding to it that the renowned authors write good pieces of history. Edward Said’s arguments are the main evidence supporting the sources. The evidence that the media provides however contradicts the sources and therefore bring about arguments just as Edward said discovered.
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Dutch, J. (2009). The Jossey-Bass Reader on Middle East. New York: John Wiley and Sons
Carlson, J. & Robert, W. (1991). Channel Expansion Theory and the Experiential Nature of Media Richness Perceptions. Academy of Management Journal 42 (2), pp. 153–170 Read More
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