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Analysis of the Public Policy Process of the United States Governance System - Essay Example

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Foreign policy refers to the expression of a country’s global practices, strategies and objectives and the proposals on how these objectives are to be achieved. Foreign policy thus reflects a country’s global interests and the guidelines and practices by which a country…
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Analysis of the Public Policy Process of the United States Governance System
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Extract of sample "Analysis of the Public Policy Process of the United States Governance System"

Download file to see previous pages lex for countries to make and implement foreign policy since increased globalisation has made the distinction between domestic and foreign policy rather blurred (Russell, 2000). What is more, in current times, even domestic decisions by cross-border and global effects. A good illustration of this assertion is the 2008 global financial crisis in which local decisions by states affected the wider globe. Nonetheless, it is still of great importance to learn and understand how each country makes its foreign policy and to appreciate how democratic these processes are.
In the United States, the Constitution is the foundation of the foreign policy, especially, the making and the implementation of these policies. However, since historical times, foreign policy and constitutional experts have felt that the constitution has been a source of intrigues and struggles between the executive and the Congress with regards to the making of foreign policy in the U.S. Comparatively, the US has been found to apply a rather cumbersome process in making its foreign policy compared to those of other democracies such as Europe states. Although the provisions and safeguards entrenched in the US Constitutions are well intentioned and offer checks to tyrannical tendencies, they have often been the causes of struggles and tension between the executive and the legislature (Russell, 2000). Thus, these safeguards have made it rather difficult to formulate and implement foreign policy besides creating uncertainty on what the policies actually are. Consequent to this lack of clarity, foreign governments and interest groups have exploitatively pressured the US’s foreign policy for own benefits. Due to the roles of the executive and the legislature in foreign policy formulation and implementation, it becomes rather difficult to recognise and discern the main actors of foreign policy in the U.S (Russell, 2000).
In the US, just like in most other countries, the three arms of the government; the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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