4.1. Patriot leadership during the battle of Monmouth 1778 - Essay Example

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As a patriot, the type of leadership employed by General George Washington in the Battle of Monmouth fought in 28th June of 1778 may be illustrated as brave, single-minded, determined, and aggressive in its approach of contributing triumph for the American War of Independence…
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4.1. Patriot leadership during the battle of Monmouth 1778
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Patriot Leadership During the Battle of Monmouth (1778) As a patriot, the type of leadership employed by General George Washington in the Battle of Monmouth fought in 28th June of 1778 may be illustrated as brave, single-minded, determined, and aggressive in its approach of contributing triumph for the American War of Independence. Gen. Washington led with high hopes and positive spirit that his strong patriotic sentiment unhesitatingly engaged his army to march from Philadelphia to New York and combat the British forces of General Sir Henry Clinton. Prior to becoming the first president of the US, the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army managed to have a deep sense of optimism and established himself in the belief that Americans can be guided to the virtue of patriotic courage in achieving the most yearned freedom.
Despite the extreme hot weather that prevailed during the battle where a significant number of British and American soldiers died of heat stroke, the American general withdrew not from his original scheme. Though opposed and held back by Major Gen. Charles Lee in his thought of assaulting the enemy’s rear guard near Monmouth Court House at New Jersey, Gen. Washington’s command remained steadfast in pressing his 5000 armed men to seize Gen. Clinton and defeat the British troops (Hickman). The patriotism that emerged with the leading character of Gen. Washington may be identified as one that consists of unshaken revolutionary prospect, with both heart and mind proceeding to work in unity. It occurred that while Lee was most likely thinking of the heavy losses ahead of them under the typical fear of Great Britain’s voluminous power, the general maintained inner strength by the inspiring principle of an independent nation that enabled him to carry on the violent pursuit of victory for the US without delay.
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Hickman, Kennedy. “American Revolution: Battle of Monmouth.” Military History. 2013. Web. 28 Mar 2013. Read More
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