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The coming of the American Revolution - Research Paper Example

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Why did Benedict Arnold betray the Patriots and how did that affect the outcome of the American Revolution? What were the advantages and disadvantages that each side had in the Revolution and what was the main turning point for the Patriots? [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Why did Benedict Arnold betray the Patriots and how did that affect the outcome of the American Revolution?…
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The coming of the American Revolution
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"The coming of the American Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages Great Britain was expected to be victorious because of its huge armed and naval power. Comparatively, American side was much more lacking in terms of armed and naval forces, size of army and previous experience at fighting against any huge state. Americans were interested to fight for independence while British fought for the continuity of their control over the American colonies considering their fighting spirit as a mutiny. Benedict Arnold was a part of Patriots belonging to the American side, but after being neglected and not sufficiently appreciated for his efforts in the wars, he became a turncoat and joined British army. Both sides have different advantages and disadvantages regarding their skills and experience. However, America has an upper hand in the war followed by its independence. The turning point for the Patriots was the battle of Saratoga. This paper discusses about the role of Benedict Arnold in the American Revolution, the advantages and disadvantages of the two sides of the Revolution and the turning point for the patriots. Benedict Arnold, an Important Figure in the American Revolution Benedict Arnold participated in the American Revolution and was responsible for many victories during the revolution. Initially, he appeared as a heroic figure as he worked very hard for the independence of America colonies. Arnold became a part of the Continental Army as a patriot in 1775. Arnold joined Allen and his Green Mountain Boys on 10 May in order to take hold of the credulous British fort located at Ticonderoga in New York1. Arnold took part in another mission, which was planned to assemble Canadian dwellers as members of American army and take hold of the northern base that was held by Britain at that time so that the striking rate of the American side gets improved. This mission was very troublesome as the troops were required to march to Quebec from Maine. Arnold managed to attack the well guarded Quebec along with other patriots through a snowstorm on 31st December knowing about the death and severe condition of many of his troops. He was left with no other opportunity, but to assault against the force. Arnold was severely injured and the attackers failed to have any victory. They had to face severe loss at the hands of British and Canada remained a British colony2. After being in good health again, Arnold joined in a significant mission that was to obstruct British incursion in New York in autumn of 1776. Arnold’s role in constructing an American naval force was appreciative as he managed to provide hastily prepared armada on Lake Champlain where a British invasion under the command of General Carleton was expected. British fleet was flabbergasted at finding American fleet waiting for them beforehand3. The British fleet pushed back the American fleet, but the action took a long time, which made the British army return to Canada after reaching New York as the war season was over. Arnold’s effort was approving and admirable as the Patriots were able to shun a major destructive step from the British side4. Arnold was unable to get the appreciation and recognition that he deserved instead of all his efforts towards supporting the independence cause. Arnold had no promotion while five junior officers of American army were endorsed to higher ranks. Considering this step as disapproving, he resigned from the army, but after ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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