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Campaign posters made of a non recyclable materials - Thesis Example

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This is because of the fact that choosing one’s leaders to uphold a community economically and politically would be telling of a country’s people’s futures. Thus, campaign season…
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Campaign posters made of a non recyclable materials
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Extract of sample "Campaign posters made of a non recyclable materials"

Problems of Campaign Posters Made of Non-Recyclable Materials One of the biggest events in the political history of every country would be its elections. This is because of the fact that choosing one’s leaders to uphold a community economically and politically would be telling of a country’s people’s futures. Thus, campaign season is critical where campaign posters which are used to uncover each candidate’s crusade to bring new hope and success for the people are ever-present and huge in number. However, there is a growing problem of campaign posters made of non-recyclable materials. The most significant of which would be the fact that it hinders the fostering of a healthy neighborhood.
Surely, all that is written in campaign posters would sum up to the different plans of each candidate to reach community improvement. However, before an improved community that would be characterized by peace, economic stability, and social equality, one needs to deal with the physiological needs of one’s people first such as easy and equal access to food, a healthy body, & favorable morals and education. All these will only be achieved if we learn to nurture Mother Nature who gives us fresh air to breathe, fresh crops to fill our stomach, and also the right sense of responsibility towards our environment (Recycling: A Component of Strong Community Development, n.d.).
With this said, campaign posters made of non-recyclable materials pose a big problem such as the increase in natural disasters caused by the wastage of natural resources. Instilling in each citizen their responsibility in preserving the earth would develop an attitude where everyone realizes what they can do not only to help themselves but also their community.
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"Recycle, reuse, reduce." wwf - Australia: global environmental conservation organisation. N.p., n.d. Web. 9 Mar. 2013. . Read More
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