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Oedipus is a fictitious character who was destined to marry his mother after killing his father. In the opening scene of play of “Oedipus” the character of him reflects that…
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Oedipus rex
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Topic Oedipus Rex Introduction The story of Oedipus , even though it is a folk tale has many morale to be conveyed to the readers. Oedipus is a fictitious character who was destined to marry his mother after killing his father. In the opening scene of play of “Oedipus” the character of him reflects that of a politician who is backed up by the citizens of his kingdom and one who is closely attached to the perceptions and feelings of his subjects. The opening line in the scene expresses the concern and anxiety of Oedipus as a ruler for the downfall of his country .In the play, during the encounter with Tiresias, the ignorance and stubbornness of Oedipus is revealed. When Oedipus understands that, he is the murderer of Laios , he insults the oracle and mocks him of his psychic power
In rage of revealing the truth, the oracle is threatened to be overthrown from the kingdom. During the same encounter, the Oedipus history of killing his father and marrying his mother is revealed which was part of his history. Here we can see the anxiety of a person in knowing his past and the trauma and trouble it brings into the life of self and others. It is an ardent fact that our life is predestined, even though free will is working, God understands our choices and our fate is written far ahead of time. If we are ignorant or knowledgeable, what is destined will happen no matter how we resist it.Oedipus did the mistake of approaching the Oracle to know his past which completely destroyed his peace and mental balance.
When it is the matter of argument between Creon and Oedipus , it started due to the conspiracy accusation of latter on former. Creon being a gentle man rationally explained to Oedipus about his disinterest in being a king and how he handed over the crown to Oedipus with full heartedness and kindness. Creon’s major points are that Oedipus’s kingdom is his granting and he explains that he is less interested in power and wealth as he already possesses them being his wife’s brother. The points seem rational as it explains that Creon has no hand in corrupting the throne of Oedipus. Here Jocasta sang a song to Oedipus about her first born son and his death on order to convince him that he is not the murderer of Laius.
Oedipus in the play relates his life story to that of Jocasta in order to counter check whether the person he has killed is his own father. The story of Oedipus made Jocasta think that indeed Oedipus i her son as he mentioned he was called bastard by a drunk man in the kingdom of Corinth. The effect of the story on Oedipus was utter confusion and anxiety. Here, the story has few morale which is enquiring about one’s fate is futile. Moreover approaching fortune teller is wastage of time as knowing one’s future steals away the thrill of life. There is also a morale which claims that fate is irreversible and one’s action is reason for one’s failure or success in life. Read More
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