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There is quite a number of international and local NGOs that operate in Haiti and Cambodia, mainly mandated to receive assistance from donors and use it to uplift the lives of the local people. However, in most cases, these NGOs have departed from their mandates or failed to…
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Role of NGOs
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Working Hypothesis There is quite a number of international and local NGOs that operate in Haiti and Cambodia, mainly mandated to receive assistance from donors and use it to uplift the lives of the local people. However, in most cases, these NGOs have departed from their mandates or failed to achieve credible results because of different hurdles – the working hypothesis of this paper will be drawn from this failure. Although very many NGOs have flocked Haiti, especially following occurrence of major disasters such as the one that took place in 2010, a number of critics have alleged that these NGOs have not been able to achieve any substantial outcome because they are usually marred with issues of accountability. With respect to this, this paper will hypothesize that NGOs in Haiti and Cambodia have been unable to achieve their objectives because most of the funds that they received from the donors are mismanaged.
Many analysts have maintained that the systems that administer NGOs in Cambodia are ineffective, especially because the NGOs do not have ownership, but again others have recommended that their system can be constituted to look like a design of a project. To verify this proposition, this paper will hypothesize that NGOs that are integrated into a decision-making process or those that have a design of a program are more efficient than those that operate in a conventional structure. Finally, some authors, for example, Schuller (2007), have postulated that NGOs have failed to implement their projects on time because the donors fail to release funds on time since they impose stringent restrictions to ensure accountability. In effect, this paper will hypothesize that most of the NGOs do not achieve their goals because the funds that they get from foreign donors are usually string attached.
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Schuller, Mark. "Invasion or Infusion? Understanding the Role of Contemporary NGOs in Haiti”, The Journal of Haitian Studies 13. 2 :( 2007): 96-119. Print. Read More
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