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Its setting is in the middle of the Nineteenth Century in the Lower Manhattan. It begins in 1840s and then moves to 1860s (Rodney et al., 2011). It is one of the…
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Download file to see previous pages The movie picks its styles of presentation from the typical traditional American society before independence. The violence that characterizes the movie is indeed the life of a gang.
This is an American movie produced by Kenneth Lonergan, Steven Zaillian and Jay Cocks in New York (Rodney et al., 2011). The film is a drama of wars between the native residents of United States of America and the immigrants, specifically the Catholics form Ireland. The two groups are referred to as gangs in the movie. The American gang is a protestant group under the leadership of Cutting. On the other hand, the Irish gang, also known as dead rabbit is led by Vallon the priest. During the fight, Cutting uses a knife to murder Vallon. Amsterdam, Vallon’s son from that time takes the knife that Cutting had used to kill his father and plans to assassinate Cutting. He first finds a way of working closer to Cuttings to win his confidence in order to get adequate opportunity to kill him during the great ceremony of celebrating after defeating the Dead Rabbits. Amsterdam meets Jenny and falls in love with her but then retreats once he discovers that Jenny is an affectionate friend to Cutting. His murder attempt however fails but leaves Cutting wounded. Later on, Cutting stabs Amsterdam in the belly and leaves Amsterdam wounded and Jenny nurses the wounds.
The movie is significant in that it presents certain relevant historical themes around the struggle for independence in America. It displays a major theme of this movie; insecurity. As the name reflects a gang life, there is a lot of gang like behaviors in the movie, characterized by stabbing, confrontation and general hatred. The second evident theme of the movie is racial segregation. That of course is visible in the war between the Irish immigrants and Native Americans. Racial segregation is the driving force for the serious fight which apparently goes in circles of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Identifications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words - 1.
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