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Several important personalities were assassinated before the election and a lot of undesirable changes occurred just before the elections.
“The 1967 summer of love was followed…
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Download file to see previous pages This military campaign was launched for conquering the various parts in Vietnam so as to establish the control of the US in the country. Several race riots took place before the election and two of the most influential leaders of the US were also assassinated during this period. The elections coupled with the Vietnam War created a very chaotic situation in the US. Kennedy who was the front runner to win the election was assassinated. The anti war protestants during the Vietnam War created havoc in the country, they were violent beyond imagination. There is a direct connection between the assassinations and the anti-war protest. The protesters wanted to bring the soldiers home and they wanted to ensure that the War ended abruptly. In an endeavor to do so, they assassinated Kennedy and Martin Luther King.
“The Vietnam war, on so many levels, destroyed our family. My dad was never the same. He became an anti-war protester and raged against the manner in which the war had been fought. I carried so much anger for years that I could not grieve the loss of my treasured sibling. In 2002, I started to research my little brothers death and began to contact men he had served with.” (Regarding War) The Vietnam War took away countless lives and left countless people regretting the past. This War inflected pain upon people which was beyond imagination, mothers waited for their sons but the sons never returned home. After reading a lot of personal experiences the pain only became much more intense. Sisters waited for their brothers but they never returned home. The Soldiers of the US were not treated well and they were offered very little protection. The government of the US didn’t do much to ensure that the soldiers come home safely. Even the ones who survived didn’t come home in a proper condition. Soldiers lost their hands and legs and they still live on remembering the excruciating pain that war inflicts on human race.
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Vietnam War / Thesis (something like..) It Affected America in a Essay - 3.
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