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The causes of world war I - Research Paper Example

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The war was believed to be a war that would terminate the other wars. World War 1 began in central Europe in the year 1914. This war was caused by different factors, which include hostility and…
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The causes of world war I
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Extract of sample "The causes of world war I"

Download file to see previous pages World War 1 was by caused the diplomatic clashes that occurred between some of the great powers from countries such as Italy, the Austro Hungarian Empire, Germany and the British Empire. These countries clashed over some European and colonial issues causing high tension. The diplomatic clashes might have resulted in a change to power balance in Europe. One source of dispute was over the Balkans territory. This tension was caused by the competition between Austria Hungary, Serbia and Russia over the territory.
There are many events that are thought to have triggered the war, which include national politics, assassination, economics and cultures, complex webs of alliances and counterbalances, which were developed with some of the European powers in the year 1870. There are some domestic political factors that may have resulted to the war. They include such factors as German domestic politics. This involved politics between parties such as Social Democratic Party, which had a significant impact on the elections that took place in Germany in the year 1912. The government in Germany was dominated Prussian Junkers; they were the Prussian landowning gentry, who controlled Prussia. This led to increased fear as a result of the rise of left wing parties. It is with such fear that Fritz Fischer thought an external war would distract the population resulting to support for the government.1 Germany might have been ambivalent about the war with the worry that if the Germans lost the war, Germany would have faced disastrous consequences, which include a drop of the economy and a shortage of raw materials.
Another domestic factor that might have contributed to the war was French domestic politics. The loss of the Alsace-Lorraine resulted to increased anger among the French. France being compelled to pay large reparation to Germany in the year 1870 was seen as a source of humiliation in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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