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Choose a set of military images or objects and consider how they have mobilized popular opinion in support of war - Essay Example

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Influence of pictures in support of popular opinion of War Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Influence of pictures in support of popular opinion of War Introduction History has proved that use of pictures influenced the popular opinion in support of Wars…
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Choose a set of military images or objects and consider how they have mobilized popular opinion in support of war
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"Choose a set of military images or objects and consider how they have mobilized popular opinion in support of war"

Download file to see previous pages Thesis statement: pictures especially of military objects mobilized popular opinion in support of war. This paper will discuss the role played by pictures in the outbreak and spread of the World War 1 and the Vietnam War. Experts believe that propaganda spread by the media then played a big role in the outbreak of the war (Dowling, 2006). The mass media played a great role in spreading pictures that were emotions and aggressive thus convincing the neutral nations that their sovereignty and peace was at risk (Allan, 2003). Many countries relied on propaganda pictures in scaring their enemies and demonstrating their military power. Cartoonists drew sarcastic pictures of their rivals thus contributing to anger among the citizens and agitations for the support of the War (Dowling, 2006). A majority of the pictures contained ill motive messages such as killing of women and children thus implying the intention to contravene the universal human rights of the civilians that were safeguarded by the international law. The agitated interest groups and emotional civilians could not withstand the provocative messages contained in the pictures and hence urged the governments to join the War in order to ensure national security (Allan, 2003). Pictures of women being raped by soldiers during war prompted feminist groups to urge the nation to join in the war while those containing images of burning property prompted the humanitarian groups to join urge the national governments to take military action against countries that breached civilian rights (Dowling, 2006). This was the height of propaganda since pictures portrayed the negativity of the war leading some countries to join the War in order to safeguard the innocent civilians (Allan, 2003). Accordingly, some pictures and images depicted an ongoing arms race since several countries were involved in military strengthening and manufacture of sophisticated weaponry. Countries like German and Britain were engaged in manufacturing advanced war ships and battle tanks that could easily overpower the enemy (Dowling, 2006). The mass media fueled the popular opinion on War through showing the pictures of enemy weapons and analyzing how such weapons posed a great threat to their stability and security. Military weapons pictures contributed to War since several countries wanted to demonstrate their superiority and military strength through putting the advanced weapons in to action during the War (Dowling, 2006). The increased fear among the citizens led to agitation for surprise attacks on the enemies (Allan, 2003). The humanitarian crisis images and pictures taken in Vietnam also created a popular opinion towards the War since pictures showed images of crushing trains, burning airplanes, starving children. The pictures of death American soldiers and crushing planes made Americans believe that extreme military offensive through air strikes, naval strikes and additional soldiers was needed in Vietnam. The effects of these devastating images prompted the entry of other states in order to end the costly War (Dowling, 2006). Recruiting Poster, World War I Pictured above was part of the posters used to urge nations to join in the First World War in the wake of its outbreak (Dowling, 2006). The picture shows a gorilla with fangs and a scary spiked Prussian helmet carrying off an American woman. The club has a label of “kultur” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Choose a Set of Military Images or Objects and Consider How They Have Essay.
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