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Trade is the only factor that made human development become one important factor in the 1750. Every community in this century relied on trade for survival. According to Bernier trade between different nations was also…
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World history
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"World history"

Download file to see previous pages This two commodities were the most highly commodities. A community’s strength was measured by its ability to produce high quality commodities in the market. Communities which could produce gold, silver or diamond controlled much of the trading markets. This strengthened kingdoms as the disadvantaged communities played second fiddle to these factors.
According to Bernier the division of labor was the also significant to human development and creation of leadership figures (316). In his notes Bernier also claims superiority in trade defined the way a dynasty will lead other factors towards a certain direction (316). These leadership traits created what are the common day trade controlling nations. This factor was significant in human development in how trade boundaries and rules were created.
Apart from this influence on human development, trade had other ways in which it influenced human development in the 1750. One significant factor on trade was the trade of people. This particular was viewed as an inhumane act that involved strong dynasties and obsolete communities mostly in Africa and South America. However, this trade was significant in the creation of the great civilization that the globe experienced. In an argument by Bernier human trade is responsible for revolution that brought change in human development (316). The author highlights the American Revolution that was greatly initiated by the trade of people from Africa to America. If the trade was not carried out the revolution would have not taken place (Origins of civilisation, 94).
Trade had also negative effects in the 1750. There was rampant spread of diseases and constant war fares that were mostly brought by trade disagreements. This was a great hindrance to human development. In words by Bernier diseases and war fares in 1750s was the great enemy to what civilization wanted to achieve (316).
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World History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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