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The article on ‘Theoretical Foundations of Global Governance’ describes regimes as systems, which are created deliberately on either a global or regional scale (par 1). Regimes are formed to eradicate certain issues in the international politics from the domain of self-help…
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Comparing between the article and the theory
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Comparing Between the Article and the Theory The article on ‘Theoretical Foundations of Global Governance’ describes regimes as systems, which are created deliberately on either a global or regional scale (par 1). Regimes are formed to eradicate certain issues in the international politics from the domain of self-help conduct. An example of such a regime is described in the article by Tromso Norway ‘The Roar of Ice Cracking.’ This paper will give a comparison of two articles: the Theoretical Foundations of Global Governance and the article by Tromso Norway ‘The Roar of Ice Cracking.
Norway’s article talks about the Arctic Council that is comprised of eight countries, which have territories in the Arctic Circle. These countries include US, Denmark, Canada, Finland, Norway, Russia, Iceland and Sweden (Tromso par. 1). The Arctic region is rich with natural gases and oils. The countries in the Artic Council have cooperated in missions, which would be costly for nations to embark on their own (Tromso par. 6). Such missions include joint search and rescue missions, and scientific researches. This situation is described in the Realism topic from the article on the ‘Theoretical Foundations on Global Governance’. According to the article, realists are entities, which act in a unitary manner to pursue their national interest. The various countries interested in the Arctic region can be termed as realists, since they have come together to form a union and a collaboration that will enrich their individual states.
Tromso’s article talks of other countries such as Singapore, Italy, Japan, India and China that want to hold crucial positions in the Arctic Council. Singapore especially has applied for a position as a permanent observer, yet it is situated at the Equator (Tromso par. 1). Additionally, fears are that the economic progress at Artic could result to an oil spill, which could pollute the Artic environment for years. This situation is comparable to the topic on collective or public goods theory from the article on the ‘Theoretical foundations of global governance’. The collective or public goods theory is effectively described by the ‘tragedy of the commons’ by Garrett Hardin who talks of a faction of herders who share a common grazing area. The desire by the herders to increase their livestock led to depletion of the grass and eventually they all lost in the end.
Conclusively, Tromso quotes some book titles such as ‘Scramble for the Artic’ and talks of the boundary conflicts between Canada and America over Beaufort Sea (Tromso par 4). However, laws have been devised to avert instability at the Arctic region and some of the disputes have already been resolved, for instance, the Russia-Norway territorial dispute. The article on ‘Theoretical Foundations on Global Governance’ articulate that to ensure effective use of collective goods, nations or persons concerned should oversee collective goods through instituting organizations with operative police powers, which force individuals or states to act within an equally beneficial manner. Like in the case of the Arctic region, the UN’s law of the sea places un-prospected gas, minerals and oil under national jurisdictions, thereby, minimizing conflicts (Tromso par 5).
Tromso, Norway. The Roar of Ice Cracking. Read More
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