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The following paper gives an overview of the Civil War. The researcher of this essay aims to pay special attention to the most prominent battles of the Civil War of America as an example the Battle of Antietam or as the Battle of Sharpsburg, the Battle of Gettysburg so on…
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The most prominent battles of the Civil War of America
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that June 10, 1864, marks the day of the Battle of Brice’s Crossroad. It was a civil war that was fought between the union and the confederate near Mississippi. The Confederates were led by Major General Nathan Bedford Forrest, the victorious commander and the unions were led by Brigadier General Samuel D. Sturgis, the losing commander. It is one of the most famous civil war because the outnumbered unions were badly defeated by the Confederates, who in number were almost half their army. The main reason behind the splendid victory of Forrest is the outstanding war planning. The tactic that he devised to weaken the union army, the place that he chose to meet the unions in the battle, use of secret intelligence were all in favor of the victory of Forrest. He planned to attack the main cavalry first and then move on further to the remaining army. The main cavalry tried to defend themselves and when they reached Brice Crossroad to inform their army and alert them, they were exhausted and confronted with the fresh army of Forrest. This proved very helpful for the Confederates. The place that had been decided by Forrest to be the battleground was much near to the supply depot of the confederates and very far from the depot of the unions. This made the unions deprived of the supply and although being outnumbered gave no benefit to them because of the shortage of the supply. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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