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The America Story - Term Paper Example

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America places itself in the central of the world History and therefore has many stories to make. The story of America cannot be discussed in a single session, there are many to talk about from the gaining of independence in 1776 and the writing of the American Constitution by the founding fathers. …
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The America Story
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"The America Story"

Download file to see previous pages There are also other stories like the slave trade and it abolishment, the confrontation that existed between the Southern and the Northern States as well as the civil war of 1861-62. Moving into the nineteenth century, there are a plethora of stories about America, Their involvement in the First and Second World War and later Cold War with Russia, the civil movement in the US over discrimination led by Martin Luther and on the other front by Malcolm X (Foner and John 46). The spread of capitalism ideology to counteract the Communism spread by the Russian, there rise to World super power and the ensuing rivalry with USSR. These are just some of the stories that make part of the American story, throughout the movie reviews in our learning modules; I have considered some of the reviews to be American history by virtue of their contents. One of the movies that were reviewed had its central theme being the slavery in America, in deed, slavery is one of the stories America is widely known for, it explains the presence of the Blacks in most of the southern States of the US. During the Agrarian and industrial revolution, there were high demands for raw materials and labor to meet the escalated demands at the time. The US then engaged in slavery to obtain extra human resource that would be working in the farms and the industries, this activity continued in the US until mid of the nineteenth century when others considered it unproductive. The different views that were held in regard slavery necessitated the civil war in the US that was fought in 1862 between the Southern and the Northern States. Historically, Northerners were industrialist while the Southerners were agriculturalist; this classification made the Southerners to engage in slavery that the northerners, slaves were used in the farms as well as to run other errands that were related to agriculture, land was owned by few people while the rest were landless and had no right to own land. This meant that there was a few demand for the industrial goods that were made then, this did not augur well with the Northerners who wanted the feudal land policy to be done away with and slavery stopped in the hope that market for their products will be enhanced (Foner and John 56). From the movie review, it can be seen that Thaddeus Stevens were against the new rule that stopped slavery since it was going to hinder his progress economically, they wanted to prolong slavery, but Johnson’s plan to stop slavery could not be avoided. This move was vehemently resisted by pro slavery and sparked a fight between the Northern states and the Southern States popularly known as the civil war. Even Lincoln himself before being elected vowed not to stop slavery in the US but later while serving as the president, he saw the need to facilitate its abolishment. Like in the movie Kate Stone and her mother were almost rendered bankrupt after the war that fought slavery, they had about one fifty slave but were eventually left with none. It was a protracted struggle to abolish slavery and even after the abolishment, blacks were still being discriminated against and this led to the rise of civil movement in the US. Slavery and its consequences are part of the rich American story that cannot be avoided; in fact, the history of the US is not complete without talking about the slavery and the later civil movement that was witnessed in the nineteenth century. Following slavery in the US, it is interesting to note that other states did not approve it and was thus outlawed. In some cases when one moved from one state that approves slavery to the other that do not, they were forced to free the slaves. In the constitution of the US, slavery was not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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