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American History is Continued - Coursework Example

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Name Professor Course Date American history is continued Part 1 (A) 1. How did the origins of the cold war reflect different American and Soviet needs and interests after World War II? The origin of the cold war reflects a number of differences between America and the Soviet Union…
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American History is Continued
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"American History is Continued"

Download file to see previous pages However, the United States had a different opinion where it supported the principle of national self-determination. Through this principle, the United States insisted that people in each country should freely choose their postwar rulers (Divine et al., 810). 2. What was the policy of “containment”? The policy of containment consolidated the evolving postwar anti-communist and established various guidelines that were intended to shape the America’s role in the world for more than two decades (Divine et al., 810). Through the containment policy, the United State intended to force the Soviet Union to adopt policies that are more reasonable and live in peace with the west. The containment policy developed form an article that was presented by Kennan concerning issues on foreign affairs. In the article that was later developed into the containment policy, Kennan warned that there is a need of a policy of containment. In his argument, Kennan illustrated that only strong and sustained resistance could halt the outward flow of Russian power (Divine et al., 810). 3. How did Sputnik impact the United States? The Sputnik, which was launched by the Soviet Union, bought panic to the Americans. This is because the Sputnik was the first artificial satellite to orbit the earth. The Americans were fearful that the Russians were far ahead of them in terms of development of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) (Divine et al., 810). The Democratic argued that the country was not spending enough on defense and the launch of Sputnik posed as a dangerous missile gap. This could give the Russians an opportunity to launch a first strike and destroy America while having such a command lead in ICBMs (Divine et al., 810). Moreover, the through the development of Sputnik, the Russians were making several threats to the Americans of being capable in making severe destructions. 4. What were the key characteristics of American culture and society during the 1950’s? Some of the key characteristics in the American culture include the fact that consumerism became the dominant social theme (Divine et al., 843). There were abundance of creature comforts and more hours of leisure time. This simply means that most of the Americans were experiencing good life. Another important area that showed significant improvement in the American culture was the religion organizations (Divine et al., 843). There was a significance increase in the number of churches and synagogues in most of the communities in America. Moreover, there was an increase in the number of schools and many children were able to get education (Divine et al., 843). 5. What social and political factors acted to encourage the growth of a strong civil rights movement? Some of the social factors that led to the growth of civil rights movement included lack of proper shelter. For example, Divine et al., (851) indicates that those who had left the south for better opportunities in the northern and western cities were concentrated in blighted and segregated neighborhoods. They were also working at low-paying jobs. Moreover, they were suffering from economic and social discrimination and failing to share fully in the postwar prosperity (Divine et al., 851). Some of the political factors that led to the growth of the civil movements include failure of making reforms and the denial of basic rights to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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