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The structural deficiencies that existed within the Moghul system basically comprised of a general lack of cohesiveness which meant that the moghuls were unaware of their strengths and laid an open space for the British East India Company to enter easily. The Moghul system had…
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The Moghul System
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Running Head: THE MOGHUL SYSTEM ID Lecturer The Moghul System The structural deficiencies that existed within the Moghul system basically comprised of a general lack of cohesiveness which meant that the moghuls were unaware of their strengths and laid an open space for the British East India Company to enter easily. The Moghul system had its fair share of mistakes due to which it lost the power over the Indian sub-continent. The might of the moghuls had to end due to lack of attention and care towards the administrative domains, which accounted for glaring mistakes on their part time and again. It would be a fact to state here that the British East India Company played a fast one on the Moghul system to have the latter under its subjugation. The enticing aspect of setting up industries within India and bringing a sense of hope for the people of the land meant that the British were in complete command within a matter of years (Harrison, 2007).
It is also a fact that these structural deficiencies started from the top, where the leadership lost focus and did not quite know what to do within the immediate future. As research into historical times reveal, the moghuls were just too busy to find solace within their own lives and not care too much about the ones they held immense responsibility of. This meant that the Moghul system came down and the British Empire started to establish with the passage of time. It was also an important reason why the Indian population felt let down by their own trusted leaders.
Harrison, D. (2007). The History of British India: A Chronology. Reference Reviews 21(1) Read More
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The Moghul System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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