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The author believes it is important to make the fundamental distinction that Washington was willing, able and ready to utilize the division and hatred that existed at the time within the halls of power in Europe to advance the nascent position that the United States engendered.
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As a case in point, Washington and others actively courted France and sought to curry favor within the halls of French power as a means of securing both financial and military support during and after the American Revolution. So great was the level of love displayed for the French during this time that citizens of the newly formed United States sought to divorce themselves fully of nearly every attribute and facet that connected them to England.  Again, although Nicole makes a valuable point with regards to the extent that Washington sought to distance the United States from European squabbles that so often devolved into far-flung imperial wars, he was not opposed to massaging the other side of the issue and seeking to work shared distaste, distrust, and hatred for England towards his, and the nation’s, favor. Read More
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