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Money in politics - Essay Example

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The politicians use it to influence people to vote for them (The Center for Responsive Politics). On the other hand, individuals and organizations use money to influence functions of…
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Money in politics
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Extract of sample "Money in politics"

Money in Politics Money is considered the key determinant of politics in United s other parts of the world. The politicians use it to influence people to vote for them (The Center for Responsive Politics). On the other hand, individuals and organizations use money to influence functions of the politicians and the policies in their own favor. With the money, politicians will do what their supports want while politicians will influence their supporters to believe in their decisions.
Political should promote the talented young people such as players to nurture their talents. However, National Football League (NFL) gave donations to political parties and politicians to cover up for the evils they do to the players such as the way they deal with retired or injured players (The Center for Responsive Politics). What do organizations expect to get in return after donation enormous cash to specific politicians?
Money does not always bring election victory. For example, Romney had colossal donations than Obama, but he never won (The Center for Responsive Politics). Sometimes overspending in election may result to financial difficulties. For example, Democratic Party was left with a debt of $21.5million which is quite enormous even if the Parties’ presidential candidate won the election.
It was not pleasing for FBI to invade the office of one of the supporters of Senator Menedez Robert in South Florida (The Center for Responsive Politics). America is a mature and democratic nation where freedom of individuals should be respected without any infringement. However, it is promising that the workers unions are continuing to strengthen especially for the public servants.
In the Center for Responsive Politics (The Politics of Super Bowl XLVII), It is fascinating how some people can get rich from politics while others are becoming poorer. Senator Tom Harkin (D-Lowa) who has a chance of being re-elected in 2014 has no interest in politics and intends to retire after serving the current term. He managed to save $2.8 million from campaign donations, whereas some people were left in debt.
It is unhealthy for institutions to spend a lot of resources to influence their decisions in the states affairs, whereas the state should equal protection and representation of institutions at all governance levels. Politics should be based on individual performance and potential without monetary influence whatsoever.
Work Cited
The Center for Responsive Politics, The Politics of Super Bowl XLVII,, 2013 Retrieved on 4th February 2013 from Read More
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