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A Precis on Interpreting History - Essay Example

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While social history of the American people is emphasized alongside the underlying economic and political history, features of…
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A Precis on Interpreting History
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Extract of sample "A Precis on Interpreting History"

A Précis on Interpreting History Affiliation: The book, Created Equal, gives an account of the American history, and highlights trends in social, economic, and political environment in America. While social history of the American people is emphasized alongside the underlying economic and political history, features of interpreting history are employed at the end of each chapter for the purpose of driving key points home. Variant contexts are adopted in relation to the contents of each chapter, an aspect that makes it easy to understand the American history from a diverse perspective.
In chapter one, the covered feature of interpreting history is entitled, These Gods That We Worship Give Us Everything We Need. This feature denotes that the gods provide for the human race. In the same respect, the forefathers of the American people laid a strong foundation that sees their survival to date. The use of this feature is critically linked to American history, especially in regard to the foundation of America as a nation.
Anne Bradstreet: “The Tenth Muse, Lately Sprung Up in America” is the interpreting history feature included in the second chapter of the book. This feature highlights Anne Bradstreet’s collection of poems. In this text, Anne Bradstreet talks about the social, economic, and political environment in America in the 1600’s. American was changing across these aspects, thus capturing Anne Bradstreet’s attention alongside that of the world in general.
The third chapter of the book emphasizes on the social groupings in America, and the rise of intensive political organization in and out of North America. To mimic the scenario at the time, the Marry or do not marry feature is employed at the interpreting history section of the third chapter. Massive political activities across America, Spain, England, and France were going on in the period between 1660 and 1715. The interpreting history feature in this chapter evaluates unity and rebellion activities that characterized the aforementioned nations and among others. The situation is best explained through a social context that denotes marry or do not marry.
Practices of slavery are part and parcel of the American history. At the height of colonialism, slavery became a form of trade between many countries across the globe. In the light of African enslavement, the fourth chapter makes reference to Releese Us out of This Cruell Bondegg. This feature of interpreting history in chapter four was a plea for liberation that was made be a slave in the year 1723. This feature highlights the ups and downs that slaves went through during the colonial period.
Cultural groupings and emergence of empires heightened in the period between 1713 and 1763. While some were highly influential, others succeeded and others failed. To account for this phenomenon, interpreting history in chapter five covers the feature, The Creature Must Have Been the Size of a Small House. The use of the creature and the small house is a mimicry feature that is relative to cultural, colonial, and empire-based influence in America and around the world during the aforementioned period.
Social, economic, and political organization of nations across the world faced immense challenges for differentiated reasons (Jacqueline, et al. 2010). Human rights and freedoms belonged to the high and mighty, at a time when slavery was a normal social practice. In chapter six, the interpreting history feature, Squeez’d and Oppressed, is highlighted. This was a petition by 30 regulators, who adamantly pursued petitions that would see human oppression minimized or alleviated altogether.
Finally, the interpreting history part of the seventh chapter is entitled, By What Means Do You Expect to Conquer America. This feature is relative to America’s fight for independence. Political activity heightened between 1775 and1783, especially in respect to America’s independence that came in the year 1776 (Jacqueline, et al. 2010). This feature presents America as a hard-to-conquer nation.
Jacqueline, J. et al. (2010). Created Equal: A History of the United States (3rd edition). New York: Pearson. Read More
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A Precis on Interpreting History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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