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Why did the united states declares war on Great britain in 1812 Could this war have been avoided - Essay Example

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This is because the issues that led to the war were never settled or resolved. In 1812, America decided to wage war on Great Britain for a number of reasons. America had vowed to remain neutral when it came to the…
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Why did the united states declares war on Great britain in 1812 Could this war have been avoided
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"Why did the united states declares war on Great britain in 1812 Could this war have been avoided"

Download file to see previous pages During Britain’s war with France, America chose to be neutral. However, the economic activities that the United States had with the French would not go unnoticed by the British. They, therefore, used the war to capture and seize American ships that were heading to France. Britain affected the trade rights that America had with France. Also, Britain’s lack of respect for the maritime rights that the Americans enjoyed propelled the American congress to vote to go to war. Britain, through the capture and seizure of American ships, were able to force the seamen to join their army and fight. This propelled America to wage war against Britain (O’Neill & Benn, 2011).
Patience and deep communication between all the parties could have led to the avoidance of the war. The order to seize and capture all vessels could have been revoked to reduce the pressure on the American congress (Heidler & Heidler, 2004). This order was the main reason why Americans were angry with Britain for trying to trample on its maritime and trade rights. By revoking the order, Britain could have avoided colliding with America.
In conclusion, reasons that prompted two nations to war against each other are not solid. As seen, communication and patience would have averted the beginning of the war, thus; protecting resources and saving lives. Looking back, it is difficult to determine what the war represented because; shortly afterwards, Britain and America agreed on a treaty that did not resolve the issues that led to the war (Heidler & Heidler, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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