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This paper 'Critical Theory and Its Purpose – Robert W Cox" focuses on the act that to Robert W. Cox, the critical theory of international relations pertains to an unconventional work of examining and conceptualizing the possibility of transforming the historical structure. …
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Critical Theory and Its Purpose Robert W Cox
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Criticizing the original framework of international relations and beliefs thereof (Marilla). It would involve realization of a whole new historical configuration for the world that used to be known and established in the light of societies that have become accustomed to Marxist principles or the type in which central powers are normally attributed to a capitalist nation as in the U.S (Moolakkattu).

Cox occurs to reserve the position that, since the world has undergone mechanisms of change apart from the ordinary cycle in several aspects, critical theory ought to be employed in seeking to study how the mutating political economy may be dealt with on a level that requires mutual global adjustment. Apparently, the purpose herein is to gauge the readiness of America, especially, in acknowledging a tremendous shift in the economic and socio-political framework of a world order where its pursuit for world dominance is at stake. In an interview via ‘Theory Talks’, Cox claims “I think the biggest challenge is the relative decline of the U.S. in relation to the rest of the world and whether and how America will adjust to a world in which it can no longer presume to lead.” Through the critical theory, Eurasia is analyzed to bear the capacity of perceiving America’s encirclement of influence as triggered by the ‘war on terror’ which the Bush regime initiated and the administration of Obama acquires the pressure of keeping with.
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