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Through out the article matter of interracial relationships has been tackled demonstrating a high degree of realism and honesty through out the article. Despite this being the case the articles finalizes…
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Race and Politics
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My daughter married a Negro A wide range of very important factors have been addressed in this article. Through out the article matter of interracial relationships has been tackled demonstrating a high degree of realism and honesty through out the article. Despite this being the case the articles finalizes with a penance that is separated from the actual reality. It is not an honest one. Basically away from having a lot of courage in regard to finding a solution to the Negro problem, the solution given in the article renders the Negro problem perverse, crazy, fatuous, morally execrable and chimerical. This is so for the whites who have some degree of guilt in them. The article demonstrates despair with regard to the practical realization of the issue being addressed. It is thus quite unfair due the fact that the white people and what is good for them is not given any concerns. This is major a fault in the article as it is solely based on the issues with the Negro people only. Integration as well as the possibility of there being massive immigration in the future is not demonstrated something that could turn to be a problem in the society.
The author presents a good case about the interracial relationships. However they have not clearly stated the position in which they stand apart from the fact that they are depicting this interracial relationships in a negative way; this is in all aspects. There is no positivity in the author rather his view about this is that of a pessimistic kind of a person. It is like there is no good that can come out when two people from two different ethnic backgrounds enter into a relationship together. It is very unfortunate that even the legal justice system is crooked meaning that it does not protect people from such injustice as discrimination if they are from different ethnic backgrounds which is in terms of race and color. The author only presents the negative side or rather views of the interracial relationships therefore depicting that he is one sided on this matter. This however unexpected as he is required to develop part of what is positive about these interracial relationships.
It is rather sad that the author does not provide any ways into which a solution can be reached at about the view that people have concerning interracial relationships. Social stigma is known to be the cause of very many upheavals in the society and interracial relationships are not in any way an exception. The author thus with reference to this fails to advocate for fair treatment of those who are from different racial backgrounds and have decided to have a relationship. There should be no limit to what a person wants. There are a lot of mistakes done by the author as he is not very clear about what the intent for the article is. He focuses more on the bad side and that being the case; he does not give insight as to what should be done in order to make things better. The audience therefore depicts his message as some sort of incitement not to venture into interracial relationships as they will suffer dearly for that. The author should have just simply weighed the topic from both sides and thus presented their argument. Read More
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Race and Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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