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Elite Theory/Democracy Q: Can democratic elitism justifiably be called democratic (Schwarzmantel) - Essay Example

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He attributed democracy to power of the people, while elitism was associated with the minorities. Elites compete for popular voter support to give them a chance to…
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Elite Theory/Democracy Q: Can democratic elitism justifiably be called democratic (Schwarzmantel)
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Extract of sample "Elite Theory/Democracy Q: Can democratic elitism justifiably be called democratic (Schwarzmantel)"

Download file to see previous pages This theory is ambiguous and has raised different controversies for a long time. It presumed that elites and political leaders compete but at the same time, they are restrained. Schumpeter attempted to combine two principles, elitism, and democracy.
Democratic elitism thus may be justified as democracy as it protects democratic orders from intolerant and unsophisticated values using strong commitments of the values of the elites. Elite theory tries to explain power relationships in modern society. The theory asserts that minority group in society comprising of members from policy-making and upper economic class poses most power. Further, the power they hold is autonomous of a nation’s democratic election process. Via positions in corporate boards and companies, and influence over key political, economic and social decision making process; these individuals “the elite” are in a position to exert significant power over policy decisions of the government and big corporations (Schumpeter 84).
The readiness of elites to take unpopular actions, tolerate dissent, and most of their logical belief systems are sufficient weapons to preserve democracy. It is also logical to argue that, elites come together or unite to form a goal that is of the interest of the local citizens. This may be associated with pluralism, a word that is used in most as a synonym for democracy. When pluralism exists in a society, then there is hope for democracy, since one cannot do without the other. Policy packages are developed and presented by elites and leaders of close advisors in accordance to the incoming interests of the people. Elites stage announcements of their agendas in the media, who in turn depict the leaders as major agents of change.
In the previous decades, the notion of increasing citizen involvement in political activities and decision-making has found favor with consumer groups, students, and politicians with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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