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My Feets Is Tired But My Soul Is Rested - Essay Example

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The essay "My Feets Is Tired But My Soul Is Rested" discusses the struggle of the blacks in Birmingham which is a State of the United States. Because of racial discrimination, there was no justice for the black people which did not establish harmony among the blacks and the whites…
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My Feets Is Tired But My Soul Is Rested
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Extract of sample "My Feets Is Tired But My Soul Is Rested"

Download file to see previous pages They all waited for almost 360 years and nothing changed for them, they were facing many problems like: Becoming frustrated by such conditions the Negroes thought of taking a direct action because all the negotiation agreements were rejected by the Authorities. They all knew that this step would be painful but they believed that getting the freedom is never easy. So they agreed to take the big step as they all were fed up with the word Wait. They all waited for almost 360 years and nothing changed for them, they were facing many problems like:Poor were becoming poorer due to lack of opportunities. Children were not allowed go to school.Black children were not allowed to play with white kids in the same amusement park.There was no respect for black women.Public humiliation e.g. they had to sit on back of the buses and the front was for the white citizen. Always had to face the fact that A Negro is Nobody.This all was the result of unjust Law. The law constituted the differences regarding the Whites and Blacks. According to law there were many acts which if performed by whites were legal, but illegal if done by blacks. Getting angry of all these differences the Negro finally decided to take an action. They decided to boycott the bus travels after a woman named Rosa Parks was arrested because she refused to leave her seat for a white person; according to the law, the front of the bus was for white people only and the back was for the blacks and if the bus is full and a white person gets in, the black had to stand for him. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“My Feets Is Tired But My Soul Is Rested Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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