To what extent can we learn about daily life of people living in York during the years - Essay Example

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Though the war of 1812 reportedly helped in resolving many issues born after the American War of Independence, it did not fail in inflicting a significant impact on the lives of people living in York at that time. The documents compiled by Edith G. Firth1 hold immense value as…
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To what extent can we learn about daily life of people living in York during the years
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Extract of sample "To what extent can we learn about daily life of people living in York during the years"

Download file to see previous pages It is declared how everybody’s face in the town wore the matching expression of surprise and restlessness. Everywhere orders were going out to gather more volunteers to be sent in the military to increase the strength if the army and militaries started preparing at a staggering pace to strike at the shortest notice. Facts and discussion presented in this essay are meant to illuminate the reality of the claim that “myriad accounts related to the state of life and public affairs in York at the time the war of 1812 got announced are quite at length contemplated in the documents of Edith G. Firth and because they are presented in a reflective, insightful, and authentic manner, they form a considerably valued historical source.”
It is claimed in the extracts from regimental orders by Lieut. Colonel Chewett3 how the war soon turned out to be unhappy, destructive, and paralyzing and negatively interfered with the lives of a large number of common people and the soldiers. A large number of soldiers daily used to get sick because all the regulars were ordered to the lines to actively participate in the war against the US and after every week or two the soldiers were marched off to new destinations to be replaced by new men from the Country to keep the scene continually changing and managing a fresh line of energy filled enthusiastic soldiers. Though Lieut. Colonel Chewett states in his account that he had very little opportunity to interact with the soldiers at a larger level still this much remained clear that the unhappy war in which we are engaged has called all the regulars to the lines, and the Militia after remaining a week or two in garrison here are marched off.4 This means that a lot many volunteers from common public obviously had to be required as a way of trying to change the garrison constantly and this must have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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