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The Declaration of the Immediate Causes - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “The Declaration of the Immediate Causes” the author analyzes the declaration of the immediate causes which induced and justify the secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union. It was issued at the time of the proclamation of the ordinance of secession…
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The Declaration of the Immediate Causes
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"The Declaration of the Immediate Causes"

Download file to see previous pages The document argues that the agreement between the US and South Carolina is subject to the law as stipulated in the constitution which establishes responsibilities on both sides and denounces the agreement or contract if either of the party fails to live up to the expectations of the responsibilities. Further, the document highlighted that the Federal government of the US had failed to honor their responsibilities to the State of South Carolina. For instance, some States were not willing to adapt the Fugitive Slave Act (Watson and Batchelder 1860, 77-8). Due to this and other problems, the document asserted that South Carolina had withdrawn from the Federal Union.
The main purpose of this document was to protest against the Northern States that were seen as violating the constitution by failing to extradite slaves. Further, it is through this declaration that the State of South Carolina aimed at showing its resentments on the efforts made by the federal government and the Northern States to abolish slavery, which they viewed as constitutionally guarded. Therefore, South Carolina thought that the federal government and the Northern States had violated the agreement, and thus, it was not bound by it (Watson and Batchelder 1860, 76).
Initially, South Carolina had issued other documents. This declaration was the second document to be issued by the State of South Carolina secession or withdrawal convention. The first document to be issued in South Carolina was the ordinance of secession. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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