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O’Neill defines Patrimolianism as a concept whereby a leader depends on a group of supporters, who benefit from him, either economically, politically or socially, and in return, they enforce…
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Follow-Up to Concept Analysis Reports
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Download file to see previous pages The paper identifies three related concepts of Patrimonialism, and they are Neo-Patrimonialism, Corporatism, and Clientelism. In defining Neo-Patrimonialism, the paper takes the stand of Bach and Mammadou (2012).
The two authors define it as a concept whereby a ruler mismanages the resources of a state, for purposes of acquiring power, and maintaining it (Bach and Mammadou, 2012). The initial paper defines Clientelism as an art of exchanging non-financial and financial benefits, for purposes of maintaining power. Corporatism refers to a situation where there are groups within a state, and they compete to gain favor from the ruler.
In highlighting the Similarities of patrimonialism in Vietnam and Morocco, the paper observed that Patrimonialism in the two countries take place through the systems of governance. The paper stated that the system of governance in Morocco is through a monarch, while in Vietnam, it is through the Presidency. Patrimonialism thrives in these states because they have weak governance institutions, and it is easy to manipulate the holders of these institutional officers to serve the purposes of a ruler.
Another similarity emanates from the motives of the Moroccan monarch, and Vietnam Presidents to engage in Patrimonialism. The two do so for purposes of maintaining power, and authority. A difference emanates from the objectives for which the leaders of the two states practice the policy. In Vietnam, the communist party practices the policy to promote socialism, and maintain unity in the country (Clapham, 1985). In Morocco, the Monarch practices the policy to maintain power, and for selfish gains. Another difference emanates at how the two countries implement the policy of Patrimonialism. In Morocco, the Monarch practices the policy by forming tribal groups, therefore creating divisions in the society (Bach and Mammadou, 2012). In Vietnam, the policy is practiced in such a way that it unites ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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