Balance in the Economy: the Rich and the Poor - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes the letter, where it is said that working on the farms has been the only income source for Manors in the past one thousand years with the focus being on the level of poverty and the strenuous natures of the work. Children from wealthy and powerful families escaped this fate…
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Balance in the Economy: the Rich and the Poor
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Children started working for many factories, Mines, and shops that needed help, and there were not enough men or women to meet the increasing labor demands. Children were seen as cheap, plentiful, and easy to control labor. Orphanages and even parents would give up their children to the cotton mills owners and other operators in exchange for sustenance. As young Children, we had to do the most dangerous and difficult jobs like coal mining, and fixing broken machinery. The coal mines were the worst because young children had to travel through the mines with poor lighting and often carrying loads. Working from six in the morning to nine at night with no meals and a long distance from home the children suffered. If late for work, the children were often beaten, and if we worked slowly, or fell asleep at the machines, the supervisors could hit us using a strap. Women and children offered cheap labor and could work for less than a man would accept. Spending so many hours a day over factory machines often left us with bowed legs and poorly developed limbs and muscles. If one of us not "lucky" enough to be employed in these mines, he had the unpleasant option of living on the streets, which was accompanied with raw sewage, rotting animals, vegetable wastes, rats, disease, and putrid water. They also had to find food and a place to stay in when it is rainy and cold. Karl Marx was an idealist. He envisaged the cruelties and injustices that children endured during the period of the industrial revolution. It was from the events that Marx developed the communist idea. Karl Marx was one of those reformers proposing and arguing for the reforms through the Communist Manifesto. His goals of the communist party were to end the exploitation of the working class and create a society with equality and no social classes. Marx has helped shaped the society of the past, present and of the future. Being a liberal reformist, who acknowledges that capitalism could be changed, and inequality of the rich could be solved and terminated, I agree with Marx viewpoints and feel he is a man that has achieved outstanding experiences and he discusses the change in working hours and conditions of many workers. Karl Marx ideas of communism were to help our society to benefit while also creating an equal share of profit to the individuals. The sole reason Marx is exceptional is because of the political philosophy that he created. His ideas have given us the will to make choices, and accept responsibility for the consequences of those choices. His attacks on capitalism and believe in independence as well as self-sufficiency is evident in his ideology that can be obtained from communist societies. The idea has given balance in the economy where the rich and the poor have both benefited to some extent and workers are treated fairly. In conclusion, that is how life in our time was my friend. Read More
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