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This has allowed people to become aware that they need to treat each other well. Moreover, it has enabled all workers to concentrate more on service for the greater good of…
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Mid term paper
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The revolution has played an immense part in the development of the new man and woman in the workplace. This has allowed people to become aware that they need to treat each other well. Moreover, it has enabled all workers to concentrate more on service for the greater good of all Cubans, than to work for personal gain. One of the firmest principles, which the revolution has instilled in the workplace, is that working for the people of Cuba is the most valuable thing; it is what will determine whether the revolution is eventually judged as being either a success or a failure.
The revolution has encouraged the equal opportunity among men and women in the place of work. This is because it has ensured that these two genders have equal capabilities to function at work. There is no a designated task to one gender that cannot be undertaken by the other. Furthermore, it has ensured that there is a balance between the employment of men and women in the workplace, hence ensuring that gender balance has been achieved. Cuba is the only state in the world to achieve an almost perfect gender balance, and all this is due to the revolution.
The most desirable society that can be created in Cuba is one where all people within it are equal, with nobody being either above or beneath the other (Miller 675). Moreover, there should be gender balance in government so that it is no longer just dominated by men. In addition, a society that is just should be created, where everybody is allowed to do what he or she want so long as what they do does not destroy the aims of the revolution. However, the creation of such a society cannot be achieved unless several threats are dealt with swiftly. One of these is the beginning of a highly paternalistic culture in the society, where one cannot go ahead in life unless he or she is sponsored by somebody powerful in society. The second threat is the temptation to introduce slowly capitalistic features into the country in order to conform to the world economy. This is extremely dangerous because so far, the revolution has been a success and it can therefore, not be merged with corrupting elements.
The United States has from the very beginning of the revolution, been the biggest enemy of Cuba (Gronbeck-Tedesco 651). It has repeatedly, tried to overthrow the revolution and replace it with a corrupt capitalistic system like the one that existed before. This state is, therefore, also the biggest threat to the achievement of life that the new order would bring to the people of Cuba. There is a possibility that the United States may foment revolt against the revolution by promising a few Cubans a better life to the one, which they currently have. This, of course, is American propaganda, because there are a larger percentage of people with low standards of living in that country than in Cuba. It is exceedingly urgent for the government and people of Cuba to be wary of such temptations because to submit to them would make all the sacrifices made for the revolution to be useless.
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