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In this paper, we will compare two different works of art from two different art periods.The sculpture was created sometime around 1430s. Being the master of bronze sculptures, the sculptor used bronze to create this particular sculpture. …
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Comparison of Sculptures
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Your full full November 12, Comparison of Sculptures In this paper, we will compare two different works of art from two different art periods. The title of the first work of art is Dontello’s David. The sculpture was created sometime around 1430s. Being the master of bronze sculptures, the sculptor used bronze to create this particular sculpture. This freestanding nude work of art of the Renaissance period injected a new sense of art in the minds of the sculptures of that time. “He surprised the art world by sculpting the first free-standing bronze nude of the Renaissance period” (“Aaron Art Prints”). The title of the second work of art is also David. However, the name of the sculptor who created this artwork is Gian Lorenzo Bernini. This sculpture was created in 1623. This seminude work of art of the Italian baroque period was created using marble instead of bronze. This was just an overview of the differences between the two works of art. Let us discuss both works of art in some detail in order to get a detailed insight into the two artworks.
The first work of art was created in 1430s using bronze metal. The graceful form and decorative details of the statue distinguished it from many other statures created by other artists of that time. If we analyze the style of this statue, we can see a manly and victorious look all from head to toe. The statue is almost completely nude as there is only a hat on its head and armor shoes on the legs. The appearance of the statue reveals existence of a male dominated society in which men used to praise their bodies by resembling them with protective shells.
The second work of art was created in 1623 using marble. The sculptor has created the state in a position that shows the climax of some action. “Expanding upon Michelangelos fascination with the human body, Bernini added torsion to create a dynamic figure that extends into the viewers space” (White). Made by marble, this artwork reveals a true understanding of the way features can be used to express actions. The color of the upper body of the statue is whitish grey, whereas the lower portion is given a minor touch of golden color. This statue is also semi nude but the amount of cloth shown on the statue distinguishes it from the other statue we discussed earlier.
The main differences between the two artworks include standing position of the sculptures, amount of cloth, and use of metal. Dontello’s sculpture is in standing position looking downwards, whereas Bernini’s Statue is look straight and is in climax of action. There ios no cloth on the body of Dontello’s statue, whereas the sculpture made by Bernini is seminude. Dontello used bronze as the metal to create the sculpture, whereas Bernini made use of marble to create the statue.
Summing it up, both works of art are closely related to each other, as they are the statues of the same person and both are in standing position. However, the use of metal and clothes provide a way for comparison between the two artworks. Both statues represent their respective periods considering the metal use and amount of clothes shown on each of them.
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