Lyndon B. Johnson And The Tet Offensive - Research Paper Example

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On January the 31st of 1968, at the wee hours of the morning, the North Vietnamese soldiers launched an attack on the south that was backed by the US. This was the largest military campaign that had ever been carried out at that particular time. This became known all over the…
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Lyndon B. Johnson And The Tet Offensive
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Download file to see previous pages Most of his concern however is in the president at that particular period of time president Lyndon B, Johnson and his contribution to the war after President Kennedy. In American history and survey, the story is the same but to some extent; they tend to support the war and the actions that took place during the war.
In the first article, Rollins Glasser explains how hard it was for Vietnam during this time of the war. “If there is more to say it will have to be said by others, though I wonder how they will do it. There is no novel in Nam, there is not enough for a plot, nor is there really any character development if you survive 365 days without getting killed or wounded, you simply go home and take up again where you left off.” (Rollins, 233) by this, Ronald clearly showed opposition to the war that was in Vietnam. In his book, he clearly depicts the difficulties that the Vietnamese were going through. This was because the whole media and human rights grouped had moved in to bring the negative side of the war and forgot to focus on the positive side of the war. There were lots of films and books that various personalities published so as to oppose the events that led to the war. All these ideologies originated soon after the Tet offensive and the American people now had the true picture of what was taking place in Vietnam (Ayers 89).
The second article emphasizes that the Vietnam War was one of the bloodiest wars of all time with casualties going up to a million on both sides. The war began due to the common belief that Americans believed that communisms was spreading all through south-east Asia. Due to the nuclear power that both the united states and the soviet union had at the time, neither was willing to risk war with the other and as a result decided to finance the other nations to fight the cold war. The Vietnam War started soon after the struggle for the country had stopped by the French power. It was during this time that the country was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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