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The movie entitled ‘Glory’ produced in 1989 is a vivid reminder of the experience of black people during an era when majority of institution in the United States followed strict segregation. The movie depicts the pioneer infantry that sought to train black men the skills of…
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Movie Glory
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Analysis of the Movie Glory The movie en d ‘Glory’ produced in 1989 is a vivid reminder of the experienceof black people during an era when majority of institution in the United States followed strict segregation. The movie depicts the pioneer infantry that sought to train black men the skills of an army. The movie highlights the grievances of black men in the South and Northern States. For a long time, whites considered black as people of less dignity and not deserving equal opportunities with the whites. However, the infantry at Massachusetts was to present black men with an opportunity to prove their worth. This paper will highlight how the Zwick depicts the determination of black men.
The blacks forming part of the first infantry that would train blacks in readiness for entry into the military forces were not doing it for the war sake only. The infantry presented them with an opportunity to prove that blacks possessed a lot of potential that the whites had chosen to notice. The movie targets to inform anyone who has an interest in knowing the dark sides of American history. The movie depicts a high level of teamwork and pursues of a common goal. These blacks needed endurance, persistence, and resilience to survive the tough training. They took the challenges in order to prove to the whites that they deserved more than the society had given them. Most of these soldiers had been slaving before, and their esteem was low. However, the producer of the movie shows clearly that these blacks made the best of the opportunity. In the civil war staged to determine whether they had gained war skills, they managed to prove to the world and to themselves that they deserved a lot more in society. Despite the price they paid at war, the blacks achieved their goal.
Shaw, the commanding officer in the infantry pushed the blacks beyond their limits forcing them to unleash the best of their potential. Throughout the training, Shaw wanted to improve their expertise and competence in fighting. The movie is suitable for viewers with historical interest. The producer succeeds in highlighting the teamwork and determination of blacks to prove their competence in the military department opening an opportunity for more black recruits.
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Edward Zwick. Glory: The Movie. TriStar Pictures, 1989. Film. Read More
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