Summary and Critical Review of Globalization and self-government: impacts and implications for First Nations in Canada - Essay Example

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In this article, the author used the globalization approach, a process of international integration arising from the interchange of worlds view, ideas, aspects and culture. The logic behind this is because the author focuses on governments in the era of globalization…
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Summary and Critical Review of Globalization and self-government: impacts and implications for First Nations in Canada
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Download file to see previous pages With efforts from the government to make Canada a fast growing market, the government removed all trade barriers, restrictions, and this encouraged developers and investment from First Nations to assist the Canadian Government in reducing its disbursements. The Government developed some initiatives to try and accomplish a degree of self-governance, and settle dues throughout the Nation.
Nevertheless, some afflictions have remained unsolved. As time went by, the government lost control over the market and most of the services become privatized such as hospitals, which were no longer free and employment was hard to find. With the arrival of Multinational Corporations, the Aboriginal people couldn’t get medical services, there was also lack of jobs as the government used billions of taxpayer`s money on the MNC`S. Consequently, the Aboriginal people embarked a war on the MNC, with time the war intensified. As result of the war and Government failure to provide for its people, their sense of citizenry and patriotism diminished. Many Aboriginal people felt proud as they fought for their rights and the Aboriginal independence, and identity, henceforth challenging the Canadian Government sense of self.
The desire to control indigenous lands, and exploit them for maximum profit is a historical situation. Foreign-owned or controlled corporations have always profited from the colonization of indigenous land. In early Canadian history, "English companies, backed squarely by a strong crown and navy, reaped the greatest success, eventually taking over... most of North America" (Weatherford 1988, 31).
An argument put forward that, self-government negotiated within the framework of globalization, doesn’t enact on decolonization but neocolonialism under the authority of corporate control. In this context, first Nations embraced a form of self-governance as a means of political sovereignty and the merging of the community to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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