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How did the roll of religion affect ancient Egypt - Research Paper Example

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The religion of ancient Egyptians was a complicated mixture of polytheistic ideologies and beliefs (Brewer and Teeter 54). The Egyptians believed that all the natural elements and forces were…
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How did the roll of religion affect ancient Egypt
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How did the roll of religion affect ancient Egypt

Download file to see previous pages... Religion in Egypt was a central part of the daily routine and believed to be the reason for existence.
The Egyptian gods had the most important role to play in the society. The gods were believed to be in control of all natural and human aspects of the society. For example, the god Ra was associated with the sun while Anubis was responsible for resurrection. The purpose of the lives of the ancient Egyptians was to keep their gods pleased. If a farmer needed rain for his crops to grow well that season, he will pray to the gods and offer favors in exchange of his wish; so will a boy longing to have a camel or a woman wanting to get married. Thus, every need of the Egyptians was linked with the gods. Magical acts were also used to interact with gods (Brewer and Teeter 132). This helped in bringing unity within the ancient Egyptian society as every individual turned towards the same source to plead.
The Egyptian religion taught the people the lesson of good and bad. Every child born in an Egyptian household was made to believe that if s/he does not pray or offer the rituals, the gods will be displeased with him/her and punish him/her (Allen 79). Likewise, if s/he would perform good deeds and prayed regularly, s/he would be rewarded with a perfect life and all his/her wishes would be fulfilled. This helped develop a strong conscience within the Egyptians and prevented them from committing acts that were ethically, morally and religiously wrong. The fear of gods also made them loyal to the pharaoh and brought law and order to the country because the word of the pharaoh was considered to be the word of gods (Allen 80). Thus, the chances of rebellions against the authority of the pharaoh were also minimal and the pharaoh had a strong hold over is empire and the people living in it.
‘Ma’at’ was another important concept of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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