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In the creation of this organization, there was a law that was passed which blocked any use of force in any of its member states. The…
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S4 W7 one pager
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The capabilities of the league of Arab s affiliation The capabilities of the league of Arab s The League of Arab States was established and created with the aim of cushioning its member states from economic and regional uncertainties. In the creation of this organization, there was a law that was passed which blocked any use of force in any of its member states. The organization believe in mediation and other ways of coming up with agreements. According to Clement& Smith (2009) this move was reached after the use of force was viewed as a recipe of opposition within its member states. This makes it impossible for the organization to come up with peacekeeping mission. This scenario seems not to change as the organization sticks to mediation rather than the use of force. A good example is the situation in Syria where the organization has all the reasons to use force to restore peace in Syria. However, the organization opted to provide mediation chances between the government and the rebellion. This decision was questionable as many Arab nations felt that the organization would have used force to restore the peace in Syria.
Clement & Smith (2009) argues that even if the organization wanted to use force in Syria, they would have lacked an experienced group to deal with the situation. The only option was to outsource peacekeeping troop from the United Nations. This move would be a breach of the organization’s rules and regulations. The capabilities of the League of Arab States are not beyond finding other means of resolving conflicts other than mediation. Their peacekeeping ambition may be only implemented if the member states change the constitution and amend the clause on using force in its member states.
Clement, C. & Smith, A. (2009). Managing Complexity: Political and Managerial Challenges in United Nations Peace Operations. New York: International Peace Institute. Read More
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S4 W7 One Pager Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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